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Wellness + Nutrition

Help your smile weather the storm

You may have broken out your winter wardrobe but have you made changes to protect your health? Just a few adjustments can help keep you safe and well all season.

More reasons to Grin!

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Seeing your dentist is good for your budget and health. And we don’t just mean your oral health.  

See why.
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Employment in the dental profession doesn’t always involve working at a dental office.

Learn more.

Activities to make you smile

Mouth-friendly recipe: chocolate eggnog muffins

Our chocolate eggnog muffins will satisfy your sweet tooth. And while the name may sound decadent, they’re also full of healthful benefits.

Your winter smile list

Gifts and treats aren’t the only reasons to smile this winter. You can make the most of the season indoors and outdoors.

Do your holiday meals make your teeth happy?

Some people take a holiday from healthy eating during winter celebrations. Do you or don’t you?

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