Unique gifts you'll be glad to give

Giving gifts is a great way to give smiles to others. Does gift giving make you grin, too? It usually does because the act of giving releases chemicals in your brain, providing a boost to your physical and mental health. Here are some healthy and fun gift ideas for any occasion.

For outdoor enthusiasts

A reusable water bottle, polarized sunglasses and SPF 15+ lip balm create the perfect care package to stay healthy and protected from the sun. This gift will help them hydrate, keep their mouths clean and prevent their lips from burning.

For self-care lovers


A weighted blanket, colorful yoga mat and relaxing aromatherapy candles can help your friends or loved ones relax. This will allow them to sleep better and avoid stress-related conditions such as teeth grinding and canker sores. Self-care can also improve energy, focus, productivity and happiness.

For plant parents


An indoor countertop garden and a watering can will empower your loved ones to grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year long. Gardening season doesn’t have to end when the weather isn’t quite as nice outside! Give a gift that keeps on giving — chives, peppers, carrots and leafy salad greens all grow well indoors and are also great for your oral and overall health.

For foodies and home entertainers


A fondu set, cheeseboard and a monthly fruit or cheese subscription are trendy and also great for your oral health. Fruit is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C and fiber. The calcium and phosphates in cheese help rebuild tooth enamel. Cheese is also a great saliva-generator, so it helps keep your mouth clean.

For techies


A charging dock, fitness tracker and electric toothbrush will help your loved ones keep track of their exercise, water and more. They’ll use technology as a tool to stay healthy each day! Electric toothbrushes with built-in timers can also take the guesswork out of getting a full two minutes of brushing, twice a day.

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