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5 fascinating dental jobs you may not know about

Employment in the dental profession doesn’t always involve working at a dental office. People in this diverse field can work in laboratories, classrooms, law enforcement agencies and much more. 

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Do you know the early symptoms of oral cancer? Checking for them on a monthly basis can be a lifesaver. 

Discover the signs.
Girl-avoiding-veggies-800x1000.jpg Girl-avoiding-veggies-800x1000.jpg

Does your child only eat a few favorite foods? There are many ways you can encourage them to try new foods and get the nutrients they need.  

Try our tips.

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Mouth-friendly recipe: stuffed butternut squash

You can make a colorful, flavorful dish that’s perfect for the season. Plus, it’s full of benefits for your oral and overall health.

Your fall smile list

Enjoy fall’s beautiful colors, tastes and more. We have some entertaining suggestions that’ll inspire you to make the most of the season.

How scary is Halloween for your teeth?

Halloween can do some pretty spooky things to your oral health. Are you ready to fight the frightening consequences?

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