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The power of a smile: It's easy to see why a smile stands out

When you notice someone beaming from ear to ear, their smile is easy to detect. But did you realize that smiles can be spotted when you can't see them? Even wearing a face mask can’t hide the power of a smile. Here are a few facts about how easy it is to identify this positive emotional gesture and reasons why you might want to smile more this season.

They’re extraordinarily easy to spot.

A smile is easily the most noticeable expression. In fact, people can recognize smiles from one end of a football field to another — that’s 300 feet away!

You don’t have to see a smile to identify it.

Don’t worry if you’re bundled up or wearing a mask. People know you’re smiling even if your mouth and nose are covered. When you smile, your eyes tend to give away your feelings as they may narrow and crinkle, while laugh lines also appear.

Your smile can be detected in your voice.

It’s not just nonverbal cues that give away a smile. You can also hear when someone is smiling. The changes in the shape of a smiling mouth make your voice sound brighter. Keep this in mind as you stay in touch with friends and family over the phone.

Two great reasons to keep smiling:



It’s a free way to share good feelings.

Smiling not only improves your mood but, it also helps others feel better because they will likely smile along with you. The instinct to mimic another person’s behavior is so strong that people will imitate your smile even when they can’t see your



Smiling helps your immune system.

When you smile, you reduce stress because you are more relaxed. Stress has been proven to cause illness. So add smiling to your list of ways to help prevent colds and flu this