5 exercises to do while brushing your teeth

If April showers bring May flowers, then spring workouts bring summer fitness, right? Get in shape and get in your full two minutes of brushing twice each day by doing these five easy exercises while you brush.


Try a wall sit, which works both your quads and your core. Challenge yourself to hold it for the full two minutes.

Lower body

Walk around while you brush to get your daily steps in.


Build your calf muscles by standing on your tiptoes and doing calf raises. Count how many you can complete over time.

If you do try these exercises, make sure that you are still brushing your teeth properly. Continue to brush for the full two minutes with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, brush at a 45-degree angle and pay special attention to all surfaces of your teeth.

Inner thighs

Place a small, inflatable ball or a rolled-up bath towel between your knees. Slowly squeeze your knees, contracting your inner thighs. Release slightly, keeping some tension on the ball or towel and repeat. Get in as many squeezes as you can in two minutes.


Sit on the bed, in a chair or on the ground while brushing. Keep your legs in front of you and your chest up. Lift and lower your legs, contracting your core. Bend or straighten your knees. Repeat.