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Mother-and-daughter-cutting-snowflakes-1200x800.jpg Mother-and-daughter-cutting-snowflakes-1200x800.jpg Mother-and-daughter-cutting-snowflakes-1200x800.jpg

They’re easy. They’re entertaining. And they’ll give you a creative outlet this winter. You can bring the season into your home with these DIY activities.


Try these projects.



fruitcake-800x533.jpg fruitcake-800x533.jpg

Fruitcakes have a colorful history. You’ll be amazed by more than 2,000 years of trivia about this enduring holiday sweet.

Learn the history.
kids-brushing-teeth-800x533.jpg kids-brushing-teeth-800x533.jpg

Most kids consider brushing and flossing to be a chore. You can change it into a fun family activity with our ideas for all ages.

Get creative tips.
woman-pouring-soup-800x533.jpg woman-pouring-soup-800x533.jpg

We have lots of ideas to help you enjoy the great indoors. You can keep busy, stay healthy and help others with our seasonal to-do list.

Find ways to grin.



girl-blowing-out-candles-1200x800.jpg girl-blowing-out-candles-1200x800.jpg girl-blowing-out-candles-1200x800.jpg

Whether celebrating in person or from a distance, birthdays can be special with thoughtful gestures and tasty treats. 

Make someone's day.