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How is AI used in dentistry?

Sometimes it seems as if artificial intelligence (AI) is entering our lives faster than we know what to do with it. From news articles to artistic creations, AI and other advanced technologies are changing how we live and work — and that includes the field of dentistry.

First things first: What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, put simply, is cognitive thinking demonstrated by a machine instead of by a person. A key component of AI is that it has the ability to learn and adapt as it interacts with its environment or new data. 

Because it can think and learn, AI can be used to support the team at your dentist’s office as they work to protect your oral health. Here are just a few ways this emerging technology has begun to shape the dental offices of tomorrow.

Image analysis and diagnosis

Innovations around AI technology that reviews X-rays and other scans is currently being developed. This kind of technology can assist your dentist in detecting cavities and other oral health issues early, so they can be addressed before progressing to more serious and expensive problems.

Augmented reality for real teeth and gums

Virtual reality tools can be used to provide cutting-edge training to dentists or help educate patients about necessary treatments and procedures.

Even more impressive are augmented reality tools, which overlay digital information onto a real-world environment (smart glasses are a well-known example of this). In the future, this could even support your dentist in real time during a procedure, enhancing their accuracy and improving patient outcomes.

Administrative support

By acting as a virtual assistant, AI can simplify and automate tasks, such as appointment scheduling and routine billing, freeing up the staff at your dental office to complete other work or increase time with patients.

Data review and treatment planning

AI uses algorithms that can process and review data at a much faster rate than a person. Because of this, it can be used to review patient medical histories and treatment outcomes to identify patterns and help your dentist provide more personalized, proactive care.

AI can enhance dentistry

Artificial intelligence is a new and exciting technology. By using AI to support the experience and expertise of trained dental professionals, modern dentist offices can become even more efficient and effective in caring for your oral health.

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