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Great big smiles in the great outdoors

Whether you’re staying active or simply savoring the warm weather, summer is the perfect time to smile with your friends and family.

More reasons to Grin!


Don’t sizzle in the sun! Instead, use these essential items to protect your oral and overall health all season long.


Practice summer safety.

Intermittent exercise can help you be more active, with no need to change your schedule. It’s all about making your workout routine work for you.

Get moving.

Activities to make you smile

Mouth-friendly recipe: healthy coleslaw

This crisp, flavorful, and healthy side dish is the perfect highlight to any barbecue or summer gathering.

Your summer smile list

Summer is a fun — and sometimes hectic — time of the year. Here are 10 ways to stay smiling while you soak up the sun.

Set goals and build a healthier you

The right plan will help you achieve your goals. Use this guide to define what you want to do and how you’ll get there.

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