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Wellness + Nutrition

Wonderful watermelon

Juicy, versatile and jam-packed with smile-friendly nutrients, watermelon should be on your summer grocery list. Discover all the benefits, and even a few new recipes. 

More reasons to Grin!

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Some healthy foods and drinks can stain your teeth. But you can still enjoy them with these tips to reduce staining. 

Avoid staining.
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Technology is being integrated into nearly every aspect of life — and dental care is no exception. From laser dentistry to sustainable oral health care products, the “future” of dental technology is happening today.

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Activities to make you smile

Mouth-friendly recipe: grilled chicken and berry salad

This tasty salad is full of tempting summer produce and packed with antioxidants. It also just so happens to be great for your smile.

Your summer smile list

Get active and get inspired. Relax and eat right. You can even help others. There’s so much you can do this summer.

Are you a summer produce expert?

How much do you know about fruits and veggies and their effects on your teeth? Are you still a growing greenhorn? Or a garden guru?

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