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Wellness + Nutrition

Refresh and revive your fruits and veggies

Sometimes fresh foods spoil before you can enjoy their oral and overall health benefits. These techniques can make your fruits and veggies last longer!  

More reasons to Grin!

Some kids just don’t want to floss. But there are ways to make the task more fun for them and less stressful for you!

Let’s get flossing.

Your water bottle helps quench your thirst, but it can also harbor bacteria. These tips will help you say “Bye-bye, bacteria” and “Hello, hydration.”

Keep a clean bottle.

Activities to make you smile

Mouth-friendly recipe: dark chocolate gingerbread loaf

Winter is a great time to travel someplace scenic or reconnect with people you care about – just make sure to care for your smile, too.

Your winter smile list

We all enjoy winter a little differently. So here are a few great ways to celebrate the season, from a cozy night at home to time spent with family or friends.

Solutions and smiles crossword puzzle

Want to boost your brainpower? Try a crossword! They are shown to reduce cognitive health risks. And as a bonus, our clues offer helpful oral health reminders.

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