Your winter travel guide

Brr … It’s getting chilly. This usually marks a popular time for travel. Whether you’re visiting family and friends nearby or jetting off to sandy beaches, here are some tips to keep up your dental hygiene habits while on the road — or in the air.

1. Keep your toothbrush dry

Don’t pack a wet toothbrush. Wet environments can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Shake off excess water after brushing and let your toothbrush air dry.

Pro tip: Pick a toothbrush holder with ventilation. And don’t forget to clean it between uses!

2. A travel dental kit is your smile’s best friend

Don’t leave home without it! Your travel dental kit should include a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, floss, lip balm with at least SPF 30, and — for extra fresh breath — some sugar-free gum. Keep your kit handy; you never know when a breath-freshening moment will strike!

Pro tip: Be sure to pack your other oral necessities, like a night guard or retainer.

3. Check the water quality

If you’re traveling abroad this holiday season, do your research. Make sure you can trust the tap water — and stick with bottled water if quality is a concern.

Pro tip: If you can’t drink it, don’t brush your teeth with it. Instead, used bottled water.

4. Pack a water bottle

Having your own water bottle is a game-changer when traveling. Staying hydrated helps keep your teeth healthy and your energy up. Plus, sipping on water shields your teeth against cavities by washing away sugar and debris from your favorite holiday treats, like grandma’s famous cookies. So, fill up that bottle and keep it close. Your teeth will thank you for it.

Pro tip: Reduce the spread of bacteria by washing your water bottle once a day.

5. Know your dental network

If you’re unsure about your dental coverage, it’s time to get acquainted! Knowing how to find an in-network dentist is important — especially when traveling — to maximize savings. If you need a dentist while traveling, make sure to check whether they are in-network.

Pro tip: With Delta Dental, it’s easy. Visit to see if a dentist is in-network.

Adding these dental tips to your travel plans will help ensure a trip free of dental dilemmas. Pack wisely, travel safely, and show off your healthy smile.

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