The gift of gratitude

Expressing gratitude is good for other people and for you. Research has even linked it to health benefits like decreased depression and anxiety, improved mood, and better sleep. Feeling more rested can, in turn, reduce mouth problems like teeth grinding and help keep your smile healthy. So why not take a moment and give a little thanks to your friends, family, or community?

Gratitude activity

Use the space provided to brainstorm your own list of people, places, and things (like a healthy smile!) to be grateful for, and how you plan to show your appreciation.

I’m grateful for ____________________________________ because ____________________________________.


I will express that gratitude by ____________________________________________________________________.

Gratitude thought starters

If you’re unsure how to show appreciation to those around you, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

For friends and family

Handwrite a personal letter, choose (or create) a thoughtful gift, or cook a favorite meal or treat.

For your community

Donate supplies to schools or shelters, volunteer at local events, or write notes of appreciation to essential workers (firefighters, teachers, etc.).

In your everyday life

Express gratitude in the moment, like thanking your dentist and hygienist at the end of your next checkup.

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