How viral food trends influence your oral health

You can add some creativity to your plate with food trends from social media — just make sure they're also healthy for your smile. Whether it’s a brand-new creative recipe or simply combining a few unexpected foods, you can find a video of people cooking or consuming almost anything.

Viral food trend: nature’s cereal

What is it? Coconut water, ice, and fresh berries mixed in a bowl

This trend certainly offers some good-for-you nutrition — berries provide vitamin C to support healthy gums, and coconut water has potassium that helps your teeth and bones use calcium more efficiently.

Is it smile friendly? As long as you don’t chew the ice, which can chip your teeth, damage your enamel, or loosen fillings and crowns. Or you can just leave out the ice and enjoy fresh fruit mixed in coconut water.

Viral food trend: frozen yogurt bark

What is it? Yogurt mixed with honey, vanilla, chopped nuts, and fresh fruit, then frozen until firm

This trend can provide quality nutrition in a crisp, tasty package. The yogurt provides calcium for strong bones and teeth, and protein to help build and repair muscle. You’ll also receive vitamins from the fruit and fiber from the chopped nuts.


Is it smile friendly? If you don’t overdo it, the nutrition in this trend can benefit your oral health. Just use a low-sugar yogurt and watch out for the honey, which is high in sugar and sticks to your teeth. Make sure you wash it down with water.

Viral food trend: fruit leather ice cream

What is it? Your favorite ice cream wrapped in a fruit leather

While you can enjoy treats in moderation, be careful with this one. Ice cream can be high in sugar and fat, while fruit leather has a high sugar content (even options that also contain vitamins). Fruit leather can also stick to your teeth and contribute to a bacteria-friendly environment that leads to cavities and tooth decay.


Is it smile friendly? We don’t recommend you eat this one regularly. For a healthier sweet treat, try the frozen yogurt bark instead.

Viral food trend: flavored water

What is it? Water mixed with another ingredient, usually a flavored powder, liquid sweetener, or fresh fruit

Drinking more water is always great! Staying hydrated offers benefits from head to toe – everything from a healthier heart and brain to reduced risk for headaches and dry mouth.


Is it smile friendly? Yes, but only if you use healthy ingredients instead of overly acidic or sugary additives that can wear down tooth enamel or lead to tooth decay. For a delicious and refreshing way to hydrate and support your oral and overall health, we recommend refrigerated water with fruits and flavorings (like green apple slices and cinnamon sticks) in a pitcher overnight. If you want to spice it up even more, research a few infused water recipes that still use fresh, natural ingredients.

Viral food trend: tofu pizza waffles

What is it? Extra-firm tofu cooked in a waffle maker until crispy, topped with cheese, pizza sauce, and veggies, and finished in the oven

“Tofu pizza waffle” may be a strange combination of words, but it can be a crispy, melty — and healthy — treat. The key is to pick the right toppings — like bell peppers, which are rich in vitamin C, or shiitake mushrooms, which help fight bacteria that contributes to tooth decay. The tofu is gluten-free and high in protein and calcium.


Is it smile friendly?

As long as you choose healthy toppings, give this one a try! Just go easy on the pizza sauce. As an acidic food, it’s not as smile friendly.

Internet fads are interesting to explore but they aren’t always in your best interest. Before you whip up a recipe that you find on social media, research the ingredients to make sure it’s good for your oral and overall health.

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