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Jimmy asks:

“How can I feel more confident on video calls?"

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Hi, Jimmy! Thanks to technology, we’re now able to easily stay connected through video calls. Not only does this let you quickly chat when you can’t meet in person, but it can also provide the face-to-face interaction you miss with a call, text or email.

Being up close with the camera could make you more aware of your appearance. If you are looking for ways to enhance your smile, here are some methods that work and ones that don't.



Drink water while enjoying coffee, tea, red wine and other beverages that can stain your teeth. Rinse shortly afterward.

• Practice preventive care to keep your smile bright and avoid oral and overall health issues. Brush twice and floss once a day. Visit the dentist regularly.

Talk with your dentist about the best and safest way to whiten or straighten your teeth. If you’re interested in orthodontics, check to see what your dental plan covers.

Use camera tricks to make you feel more confident. Put your camera at eye-level and use soft lighting on your face, with no bright lights in the background. Try wearing an off-white shirt (instead of bright white) to make your teeth appear whiter.

Look in the mirror before your next video chat to check for food stuck between your teeth.



• Avoid smoking, which can discolor your teeth and cause your gums to recede.

• Don’t try the recent trend of using a nail file to reshape your teeth, even though you or your kids may see it online. This removes protective tooth enamel and increases your risk of cavities, tooth sensitivity and nerve damage. Ask your dentist if your teeth can be safely reshaped.

• Skip DIY and charcoal toothpastes, which may not always contain fluoride that keeps your teeth strong and protects against cavities. Ingredients such as charcoal and baking soda are abrasive and can damage your enamel.

Don’t attempt to straighten your teeth on your own. Homemade braces can cause extensive damage to your teeth and gums that can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Show off your smile! By sticking to oral health care methods that work and avoiding ones that don’t, you can feel confident during your next video call.