Fun + Inspiration

Turn a trip outside into an adventure

Explore the great outdoors with your kids this summer! There’s plenty of fun to be had, even in your own backyard or neighborhood.

Identify which activities appeal to your kids, then discover a world of fun with these ideas.

The adventurer

Take a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood. Your kids will be amazed at what they’ll discover. Bring a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Jot down some notes and see who can identify the type of plants, flowers, insects and animal prints they find. Before you go, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and lip balm with at least SPF 30 to protect you and your kids from the sun’s harmful rays.

The artist

Make art with your surroundings. Sidewalk chalk can provide endless hours of fun! Your kids can use the box of colors to create their favorite designs. The chalk can even transform the ground into a gameboard — a friendly game of tic-tac-toe, hopscotch or four square. If drawing isn’t their thing, collect leaves with different colors and shapes for crafting, or gather some rocks to paint.

The fish

Water can certainly be refreshing on a hot day. Have a water balloon fight in your backyard or bring somewater blasters outside to squirt one another! As thekids play with water, remind them to stay hydrated by drinking some water, as well. Water (preferably fluoridated) is essential to good oral and overall health. Make sure your kids have plenty to drink by bringing a reusable water bottle with you. And don’t wait until they’re thirsty before taking a sip.

The volunteer

Show pride in your community by bringing trash bags outside and helping clean up your neighborhood. Be sure to wear gloves and closed-toe shoes! Make it fun and rewarding by offering a prize — such as stickers or a healthy snack — when the task is complete. Snacks can include carrots and celery sticks, or an apple. Avoid sugary treats that can contribute to tooth decay such as fruit snacks or cookies.

The competitor

Grab the entire family for a fun day outside. Play a simple game of catch or try some relays such as a three-legged race, crab walk or wheelbarrow race. If you have a rope, how about some tug of war? If the games get robust, be sure kids wear their mouth guards while playing to protect their teeth.

The shutterbug

Here’s a way to take in the beauty around you: Make a list of what you might see and do in your very own neighborhood! Then, go on a treasure hunt to collect those items. If your kids have a camera, ask them to take pictures of their surroundings, such as an insect they find. Set a timer and see how many items they can collect and photograph.

So get outside and enjoy your surroundings. By taking steps to protect your mouth and body while you’re out and about, your kids will stay healthy, safe and smiling all summer long.