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The power of a smile: setting your child up for a successful school year

As your kids prepare to start a new school year, remind them how much a smile can help. Smiles are a universal way to bring positive energy to every situation. They're so powerful they can even be recognized in your eyes and voice. Here are a few examples of how a smile can help set your child up for success:

Making friends

A new school year could bring some unfamiliar faces. Encourage your child to smile when meeting someone new. This positive gesture is one way to make a new friend. In fact, 65% of people say a smile is one of the things they remember most after meeting someone.1

Celebrating victories

From getting a good grade on that math test to being named a class leader, the school year brings so many reasons to smile. Ask your kids to share good news when they have something to celebrate. Their smiles will light up the room and help others feel that joy, too.

Powering through presentations

A smile has the power to help your kids feel more confident in nerve-wracking situations, such as giving a presentation to their class — or even their school. Smiling can help them overcome discomfort, appear calm and feel a bit more relaxed.

Saying cheese!

It's a must-do every year: taking the first-day-of-school photos to celebrate your kids starting new grades. As your kids look into the camera lens, have them think of a funny or happy memory. By showing the world their natural smile, they can show others how unique and special they are.

Of course, the best smile of all is a healthy one. Help protect your kids’ smiles by:

• Stocking the pantry with healthy foods

• Encouraging water over sugary drinks

• Maintaining a good oral health routine

• Discouraging smoking and vaping

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