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On topic with Dr. Dill: 3 reasons people avoid going to the dentist

If you haven’t visited the dentist lately, you aren’t alone. More than a third of Americans (37%) visit the dentist less than once a year, according to Delta Dental’s 2019 survey. When asked why, here’s what respondents said:

2 in 5 (39%)

don't have dental benefits and can't afford treatment. 

70 million Americans

are afraid of the procedure they’ll need. The number has grown in the last four years from 26% to 31%.

1 in 5 (19%)

can’t find the time in their busy schedules for a dental visit.


Seeing the dentist regularly can actually save you time and money. That's because preventive care is typically free with a dental plan. These routine visits allow your dentist to identify problems early, when they are less costly and complex to treat. Find out more about the benefits of preventive care in our article.

But what if you’re nervous about your visit? It helps to find a dentist you’re comfortable with. Once you’re at the dentist's office, be open with the dental staff about your fears. Your dentist, dental hygienist and the rest of the staff can help answer your questions and ease any anxiety you may have.

Your health is important. So before you skip that next checkup, know that taking the time to visit the dentist can help keep you smiling for years to come.

Meet Delta Dental’s Vice President of Dental Science and Network Strategy, Joseph Dill, DDS. With more than 30 years of experience in the dental field, including eight in private practice and 16 in dental insurance, Dr. Dill provides expert insights and helpful advice to keep you smiling bright.